Scientific Application Developer
Brief info

Milson Munakami is a Scientific Application Developer at the University of Chicago’s ResearchComputing Center (RCC). His primary focus is on developing and building data-intensive, dynamic andmore interactive scientific applications using a variety of scientific techniques and tools that allow toleverage the high-performance storage, resources and compute capacity of on-premise High-Performance Computing (HPC) data centre called Midway. His role also involves providing technicalsupport to troubleshoot researcher, hardware, and scientific software problems, evaluation and testingof new or future development, releases, and enhancements to streamline the scientific researches andstudies.

Milson has a master’s degree in computer science (M.Sc.) from Boise State University (BSU), Boise,
Idaho, USA. He is an experienced professional with great experience working in multifaceted academia
and enterprise environments and has held various important positions. He is passionate about core
technologies like Python, JAVA, .NET, C, C++, C#, PHP, Database and Blockchain to name just a few. He
loves to write, run codes, and fond of contributing and sharing to the community. He strongly believes
that learning new skills is a never-ending process and it that it gets bigger and better when shared with
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